History of PhrapathomWitthayalai School

PhrapathomWitthayalai School’s earliest name was The Sample School of Nakhonchaisri  DistrictPhrapathomWitthayalai was opened on 23rd.January  1909. In 1932, the name was changed to the School of Nakhonpathom Province PhrapathomWitthayalai and in 1956 to PhrapathomWitthayalai School until now.

PhrapathomWitthayalai School was awarded the royal prize for large school in 1980 and 1996 and the honorable diploma in 1994 and 1995.

PhrapathomWitthayalai School is a centre of academic development centres in the following fields:
1 .The Development Centre in TeachingScience and Technology.
2. Centre school under the Development and Promotion for Science and Technology Talents Project of Thailand.
3.English Resource and Instruction Centre.

School Vision
The education practice of PhrapathomWitthayalai school aims to encourage self-development of all students to fulfill the excellence beyond international standard based on morals, ethicsand  economics sufficiency philosophy.  Whereas encouraging the awareness of students to conserve natural resources, environment, culture and local resources. Lastly, the students are able to live happily in Thai ways of life.

School slogan : We will do our best.
School motto : Knowledge with Virtue.

School Philosophy : Have Discipline , Search for Knowledge ,Be happy.